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Planning a Puppy Shower
Party Games, Food, and Fun to Welcome the Fur Baby 
May 27, 2008 Joy Butler

New doggy parents can have a baby shower too!

You have decided to get a puppy. Falling in love was easy. That little pudgy rear waddling around made you laugh and those big brown eyes and puppy kisses really captured your heart. Yes, puppies come well equipped to redeem themselves after howling, yowling, chewing the sofa, and making a mess on the carpet. But you accept that honeymoons don’t last forever and have made the commitment to love your puppy through good and bad, for the rest of his life. Just like adopting a baby!
Now if new parents can have a baby shower to celebrate the coming of a new baby, puppy parents can certainly do the same thing! A puppy shower can be the perfect way to introduce the new family member to friends. Puppy Shower versus Baby Shower

Puppy showers are a little different in that they are usually planned by the new parent themselves and are held after the puppy arrives and has completed his immunizations. Guests don’t have to be female only; they can be whole families including their dog. A puppy shower may be held in your backyard or at a local park. Invitations and Gifts

Your invitations may be of the appropriate pastel pink or blue and have a cute puppy theme. You can even make your own, using your computer and your own puppy’s picture. Include the guest’s dog in the invitation but, for everyone’s safety, request he be up to date on shots. If you desire, you can suggest guest dogs come dressed up.
You may register at a pet shop for gifts or have suggestions in mind if anyone asks what the new puppy would like.

Décor and Refreshments

Décor will set the mood. Streamers, napkins and plates can be of pastel baby colors or have a puppy theme such as paw prints, bones, or fire hydrants.
Refreshments can include a puppy theme cake for guests along with a variety of doggy treats for the pups. You can even make your own doggy treats. Be sure all of the homemade foods are safe for dogs. Leave plenty of water bowls out in convenient places for guest dogs. Fun and Games

Have plenty of toys such as frisbies, balls, rope toys, and squeaky toys as well as scoop bags available. You can even set up a simple obstacle course for guests and pups to frolic in.
Use your imagination. Try a homemade 'pin the tail on the puppy' game. Activities such as 'guess the puppy's weight' will be fun for the humans and a weenie dunk and treasure hunt for the dogs will have everyone laughing.
Prizes and goodie bags can be awarded with both humans and dogs in mind. They may include items like chewies, bandanas, leashes, stuffed animals, tennis balls, and gift certificates to pet supply stores. Memories

Place an open album where guests can write notes and messages to you and your new puppy. Have your camera handy to record all the fun. Precautions

Be careful that your puppy does not become overwhelmed or frightened. Be sure to introduce dogs separately and slowly. Have crates or quiet areas available for shy or grumpy dogs.
And remember that puppy showers aren’t just for puppies. Adoption of an older dog works too!

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