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Problems With Puppy Potty Training
Help With Housebreaking Puppies
Jan 21, 2008 Charla Dawson

A key step in housebreaking puppies is taking them on leash to the same area of the yard each and every time they need to "go".


How do I get my puppy to potty when I let it outside? He/she runs around outside for 20 minutes and then comes inside to go potty. Solutions:
Take The Puppy On Leash to Go to The Bathroom - This helps leash train the puppy but also allows the owner to see that the puppy went potty. This allows the owner a chance to give a reward for going potty. When training, the owner needs to give the reward immediately; waiting until you are back in the house to reward is too late. The puppy will not understand the reason it got the reward. When giving the reward immediately the puppy soon learns that using the bathroom outside equals treat. Take The Puppy to The Same Area of The Yard – Each time you take the puppy outside to go potty; go to the same area of the yard. This allows the puppy to smell itself in the yard. The puppy will soon learn what goes on in this area of the yard and want to go to the bathroom. This is nice for the owner too - there will be only one corner of the yard to clean up. Give Your Puppy About 10 Minutes to Potty – If puppy has not gone potty within about 10 minutes then put him/her back in the crate. The puppy does not get to play or run free in the house until it potties outside. Play time is a reward, only reward good behavior. Wait about 15 – 20 minutes then try again; repeat until the puppy potties outside – then reward. Give a Command to Go Potty – Giving a command teaches the puppy what you expect of him. This is no different in potty training. When you say "go potty” or "do your business” as the puppy uses the bathroom he learns what that command means. This helps speed up the potty training process. Later in life giving the potty command to your dog will help when you are running late and you need your dog to go potty and come right back inside.
Potty training can be a lengthy process but don't give up; all dogs/puppies are potty trainable. These steps are meant to be used together - don't try to cheat by only using the steps that are the easiest. All of these tips are important for success.
References: Kansas Humane Society, Behavior lecture, Dr. Emily Weiss, Kansas Humane Society Animal Behaviorist

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