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How to Make Your Own Dog Food
How to Make Your Own Dog Food
Suggested Ingredients for Homemade Dog Food
Mar 20, 2007 Sandra Williams

Many popular dog foods have recently been recalled because of food poisoning which in some cases has been fatal. North American stores have been pulling up to 48 brands off the shelves that Menu foods supplies. (Source: Animal Owners Frantic on Pet Food Recall, Matthew Verrinder, March 18th, 2007)
If you are concerned about the health and well being of your dog and wish to ensure they are getting uncontaminated foods there are ways of making your own healthy dog food. A suggested formula is 75% carbohydrates to 25% meat. A simple dog food recipe is to combine and cook brown rice, ground meat, vegetables, water and a small amount of brewers yeast. Dogs can’t digest vegetables very well, so they need to go through the food processor thoroughly before adding. Amounts of water vary depending on whether you want dry or wet food. Your dog food should be served at room temperature. Ingredient ideas for dog food:
Rice is a good carbohydrate for dogs. Brown rice is preferable as it has more nutrients.
Brewers yeast which can be found in some grocers and health stores.
Flour, such as corn flour, soy flour or whole wheat flour.
Codliver oil or flaxseed in small amounts adds omega 3 and helps keep their coats shiny.
Meats suggested to use are liver, beef, tuna, lamb or chicken. It’s easier to add to food if the meat is ground.
Dogs also enjoy peanut butter and biscuits can be made with them by adding flour, bone meal and/or powdered milk, brewers yeast and even carrots. Peanuts are one of the few nuts that are safe for your dog. (Dog Biscuit Recipe)

Some vegetables are ok such as carrots, broccoli and spinach, but they need to be put through a food processor first to aid in digestion. (Broccoli is not good in large amounts.)
Bonemeal may need to be added to ensure they are getting calcium. Raw meaty bones are a good source of calcium. Powdered milk is also a popular ingredient in dog food. Some foods to avoid which may be dangerous to dogs:
Chocolate which can cause seizures in dogs.
Coffee and tea can cause similar problems as chocolate.
Raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure.
Nutmeg can also cause seizures.
Raw eggs could contain salmonella, so they’re not worth the risk.
Onions are not advised as they can interfere with blood circulation.
Macadamia nuts can cause dogs to have tremors and lead to paralysis.
There's much controversy as to how much garlic (if any) is safe for dogs to ingest.
Other food cautions include moldy foods, yeast dough and fruit pits. Many fruit pits contain cyanide.


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